Some Ways to Transform Your Garden using Aero garden

Are you looking for a few ways to turn your garden using an Aero Garden? Don’t have enough space for your plants anymore or are the winters soon approaching? Well, no need to worry because you can always shift your garden into an Aero Garden mechanism and get the best results with just a little effort. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Select your plants carefully

One of the most important ways to transform your garden is by making sure you choose your plants carefully. There are a lot of plants which thrive in an Aero Garden and a lot of plants don’t grow so well in it, so choose the ones which will grow well in an Aero Garden. You can grow several types of lettuce and herbs and make sure you don’t grow plants which tend to become large in size as your Aero Garden won’t have enough space for it.

Get empty pods

The next thing to do would be to get a set of empty pods or buckets in which you can plant your herbs and vegetables. You need to keep these pods at a slight distance from each other so that all the pods get an equal amount of nutrients. Fit them in a straight row so that you can easily walk through them when checking your plant’s growth.

Make a proper drainage system

Another thing to remember when growing your own Aero Garden ( checkout aerogarden harvest reviews ) is that you need to create a proper drainage system to drain the excess water from your plants. You can keep your pods inside a hole in a PVC pipe and remove the bottom from the pods so that the excess water flows out of the PVC pipe and gets collected in a container.

You can collect all these nutrients and water in a large container from where you can again pump this nutrient-filled water to your pods. This way you will be able to recycle the nutrients and ensure that there is no wastage of water or nutrients.

Start your seeds

One of the best ways to start your own Aero Garden is by first starting your seeds before you plant them. This can be easily done in your garden. You just need to use a patch of land or use a table outside and keep your seeds in a tray full of water and soilless plant mixture. Give them an adequate amount of sunlight and protect them from cold weather and spray mist on them regularly.

Cover them with a sheet of paper and pick holes for ventilation. Once seedling appears, you need to remove the sheet and let them receive appropriate sunlight. Once the first set of leaves appear, you can transfer them into a pod.

Add proper nutrients

This is the most important step in creating your Aero Garden. You would need to take a large container and fill it with plant nutrient solution and create a pump mechanism so that it transfers the nutrients through the PVC pipe and can be soaked by the soil in each pod. This will help in keeping your soil always fertilized and will provide your plants with adequate nutrients.

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