How to pick the right Sauna for Your Home

Looking for a home sauna for yourself? Want to relax and de-stress yourself by spending some time in the warm and cozy home sauna? Then, it is time you install a Home Sauna for yourself! Why install a Sauna? A Sauna is a great way to relax and sweat out all the toxins from your body and choosing the perfect one for your home can be confusing. There are so many things to consider when buying a There are so many things to consider when buying a Sauna-like your house décor, medical conditions, heating source, and so on. Infrared saunas are all the buzz but make sure you read reviews before buying an infrared sauna as it might not be the best option for you. So, we have prepared this article to help you out in choosing the best Sauna for yourself. Trust me, after reading this article, you would be able to select the perfect Sauna for yourself in just a few minutes!

Things to consider when buying a Sauna:

Storage area

One of the most important things to consider is the type of sauna you would want for yourself, whether you want an indoor sauna or an outdoor one. If you have enough bathroom space then you can install an indoor sauna and just take care of the ventilation and drainage system. If you lack adequate space in your home, then outdoor sauna is a good option. You can install it in the garden or near the pool but you would need a proper foundation, insulation, power supply, and a water supply.

Type of Heat source used

The next thing to consider would be the heating source for your Sauna. There are three types of Sauna based on the heating source: Electric Sauna– This type of sauna is popularly known as traditional sauna and generates heat by using hot rocks and water. It can reach a temperature of 195 degrees in just 30 minutes and you can create steam by sprinkling water on the hot rocks. Carbon FAR Infrared Sauna– This type of sauna uses carbon panels to generate an infrared heat of 140 degrees in just 10 minutes and uses less electricity than other types of saunas. Ceramic FAR Infrared Sauna– This type of sauna creates a long-lasting infrared heat in just 10 minutes and are a little more expensive than the Carbon FAR Infrared saunas Classic Swedish Sauna


Another thing to consider is the amount of voltage that your sauna will require. Most saunas require 10V or 20V of electricity which is compatible with most household’s wiring. However, if it is different than the mentioned voltage, then you might need professional wiring for your sauna to work properly.

Type of Wood

There are basically 3 types of Sauna woods: Cedar- This type of wood is a little more expensive but perfect for an outdoor sauna as it is long-lasting and naturally resistant to mildew and insects. Hemlock- This type of light-colored hardwood is resistant to mildew and insects and is not as aromatic as other woods, which make it a good choice for people who suffer from allergies. Aspen- Another odorless wood type which is not as resistant to mildew as other hardwoods, aspen makes a great choice for an indoor sauna and for people with allergies. Sauna

Some Ways to Transform Your Garden using Aero garden

Are you looking for a few ways to turn your garden using an Aero Garden? Don’t have enough space for your plants anymore or are the winters soon approaching? Well, no need to worry because you can always shift your garden into an Aero Garden mechanism and get the best results with just a little effort. Here are a few ways to do just that:

Select your plants carefully

One of the most important ways to transform your garden is by making sure you choose your plants carefully. There are a lot of plants which thrive in an Aero Garden and a lot of plants don’t grow so well in it, so choose the ones which will grow well in an Aero Garden. You can grow several types of lettuce and herbs and make sure you don’t grow plants which tend to become large in size as your Aero Garden won’t have enough space for it.

Get empty pods

The next thing to do would be to get a set of empty pods or buckets in which you can plant your herbs and vegetables. You need to keep these pods at a slight distance from each other so that all the pods get an equal amount of nutrients. Fit them in a straight row so that you can easily walk through them when checking your plant’s growth.

Make a proper drainage system

Another thing to remember when growing your own Aero Garden ( checkout aerogarden harvest reviews ) is that you need to create a proper drainage system to drain the excess water from your plants. You can keep your pods inside a hole in a PVC pipe and remove the bottom from the pods so that the excess water flows out of the PVC pipe and gets collected in a container.

You can collect all these nutrients and water in a large container from where you can again pump this nutrient-filled water to your pods. This way you will be able to recycle the nutrients and ensure that there is no wastage of water or nutrients.

Start your seeds

One of the best ways to start your own Aero Garden is by first starting your seeds before you plant them. This can be easily done in your garden. You just need to use a patch of land or use a table outside and keep your seeds in a tray full of water and soilless plant mixture. Give them an adequate amount of sunlight and protect them from cold weather and spray mist on them regularly.

Cover them with a sheet of paper and pick holes for ventilation. Once seedling appears, you need to remove the sheet and let them receive appropriate sunlight. Once the first set of leaves appear, you can transfer them into a pod.

Add proper nutrients

This is the most important step in creating your Aero Garden. You would need to take a large container and fill it with plant nutrient solution and create a pump mechanism so that it transfers the nutrients through the PVC pipe and can be soaked by the soil in each pod. This will help in keeping your soil always fertilized and will provide your plants with adequate nutrients.

Home Stuff : Things To Know Before Buying A Planer For Your Home

Are you planning to buy a planer soon but not sure what to look out for? Buying a good quality wood planer is an important task if you want to be able to finish your woodwork with impeccable quality and quickly. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind before you can buy the best wood planer to work on all your needs and requirements. So, we have listed down the 7 top things that you need to consider before buying a planer:

Types of Planers

You will find that there are several types of planers available which include hand planers, thickness planers, jointer-planers, portable planers and benchtop planers. The type of planer you choose to buy depends on your requirements of the wood planking. Some planers are large and can provide you with any thickness of shaving and some are portable but are limited to a defined thickness level. So, your wood type and the activity will determine which planer will be good for you.


In the terms of motor, most planers come in two types which are Universal type motor and Induction type motor. A universal type motor is cheaper and easily portable but cannot be used for hardwood whereas an induction type motor is heavier and expensive but is more durable than the other motor type.


The next thing to consider would be the workspace area. You need to determine how much space you have to store your planer because a portable planer also requires at least 5-7 feet of space to be used. Make sure you also consider the wood length when calculating the space for your planer.


The next thing to consider would the thickness level that your planer provides you. A lot of planers come with an average 6-inch thickness shaving feature and don’t allow you a lot of options whereas many planers also provide you with thickness changing options to consistently shave your wood piece.


Another thing to consider would be the width of the planer because this will determine the width of the board which you will be able to plane with the help of it. If you go for a portable design, you would be able to plane smaller board sizes but if you consider a jointer planer, then you can plane the wood pieces separately and then join them together.

Stroke Count

This is another thing you need to consider. The stroke count depends on how fast the planer blade moves and how many knives a blade has. If it has a higher number of knives, it will produce a higher stroke count but that doesn’t always mean a high-quality planing. Sometimes, slower is better so choose wisely.


This is another thing you need to remember before buying a planer. An expensive planer would provide you a high quality shaved wood and will be mostly heavier whereas a cheaper planer would be lighter but will not be as durable as a higher priced planer.

Dwelling in Avila, the Latest of A-Cero’s Homes of Wonder

Freshome readers, we know how enthusiastic you are whenever we post information about A-cero. For today we would like to showcase one of their latest projects, Dwelling in Avila, a residence with an uncommon architecture located in Spain. Here is an excerpt from the press release: A dwelling of generous proportions developed over a single story to facilitate the indoor-outdoor connection and to make the most of the environment in which it stands.

Surrounded by meadows, tree groves, chestnut, pine and oak trees, and wildlife represented by stags, wild boar and roe deer, the edifice establishes a recognized link with the traditional architecture and vernacular customs. Stone, tile, would have been used in its construction. The sense of the architecture is to formalize the space and layout of the rooms besides representing a clear tribute to rural villages.

The consequence is an open, U-shaped dwelling with a large central courtyard that shares out the uses. The principal wing houses the living rooms, dining room, TV room and children’s and playrooms. In the east wing is the kitchen, laundry room and cellar and in the west wing the master bedroom.

Semi-independent pavilions house the installations, riding facilities, stables and the guardians’ dwelling. Two immense awnings frame the landscape.Through an apt play of symmetries, visual perspectives are created. A painstaking study of the light allows it to come in through courtyards, grooves, windows, skylights and façade openings.

The courtyards help us to minimise the conditions of the extreme climate, provide colour, freshness and hold the ponds that reflect the serenity and musicality of the water. Indoors there is a consistency in its development that offers us serene, private ambiances full of nuances and subtleties. The house generates its own environment and assimilates the best of what there is. The project arises as a response to the demands of the place.

Spectacular Residence on a Cliff Edge Inspired by a Picasso Painting

This unbelievable looking residence seems sprung out of a science-fiction movie. Rising on the edge of a cliff measuring no less than seventy meters, House Holman has a spectacular architecture. The project comes from Durbach Block Architects and is located in Dover Heights, a coastal, eastern suburb of Sydney. Featuring unexpected angles of sight given by the elastic geometries of the construction, the exterior design is highly modern and couldnt be more intriguing.

According to the designers, the project was inspired by a famous art work belonging to Picasso. The artist created The Bathers after 1918, while spending most of his summers by the sea. The sinuous shapes in the painting seem to be present within this particular house design as well. The complex fluid spaces make for some incredible interiors which take full advantage of the sun rays and sea views. Simply breathtaking!

Cute Spying Doorknob: Room in the Glass Globe by Hideyuki Nakayama

Ever since glass globes were first produced, the fascination of the public for these type of decorative items was unbelievable. Every Christmas snow globes become a hunted gift, as they seem to brighten up the room where they are placed in. This uncommon glass globe doorknob was created by architect Hideyuki Nakayama in collaboration with Design Tide Tokyo for UNION, a producer of door handles and levers.

From a distance, it looks like a colorful and inviting object, but as one approaches, a new miniature world is revealed. Magical and meticulous, the Room in a Glass Globe has the unusual ability of reflecting the room located on the other side of the door. Unfortunately, we dont know the mechanism behind this, but we are certain we will find out more information soon. The project is said to be manufactured at a large scale and we cant hardly wait to see it displayed in stores.- via mocoloco

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This is no ordinary chair  it`s an interpretation of the problems that couples face today. Most couples end up forgetting why they are together in the first place this is where the Confessions Chair from French based designer Arik Levy comes in. It reminds people of the love and truth behind their relationships: With his installations, Arik confesses, bares his soul and invites us to do the same.

His starting point is the observation that most Parisian couples end up divorcing and that building a life as a couple is an extremely fragile enterprise. Failure to communicate well is often at the root of this problem. Taboos and unspoken truths eat away at a couple’s harmonious existence. Confessions allow this trust to be rebuilt. says a representative of the Parisian Galerie SLOTT. The limited edition furniture features a base design borrowed from the Catholic Church’s communications tools, but the proportions were modified to have a slightly larger seating area, as if it wanted to make room for all the emotions.